Why choose FRAME for your commission advance?

When it comes to choosing a commission advance company, there are a few things that Canadian REALTORS® should consider: Is the company reliable and trustworthy? Do they understand the industry and the unique needs of real estate agents? Are their rates and terms competitive? Can they meet your needs in a timely manner? Understanding each of these components will help ensure you select the best commission advance company for your business.

FRAME is offered across Canada and takes a reliable, efficient and REALTOR®-centric approach to commission advance. We are powered by the Alberta Real Estate Association and AREA Real Estate Services Corp, who are leaders in the real estate industry with a focus on reinvesting money in industry. Proudly supporting Canadian real estate professionals since 1947, we understand the unique needs of agents. Our commission advance program already services more than 3200 of Alberta REALTORS®, with more than $13 million, and counting, in advanced commissions advanced to date. At FRAME, we understand the importance of having all the facts when it comes to commission advances. 

To facilitate an informed decision, here are some common questions our customers ask:

How do I apply for a commission advance with FRAME? 

It’s as easy as filling in the online application and uploading the requested documents, with both you and your broker’s signatures.  Once approved, FRAME will provide you with email confirmation and the money is e-transferred directly to you. This process can go from start to finish within the afternoon, meaning you will have your commission advance by dinner!

What documentation do I need to provide?

  • The firm pending Contract of Purchase and Sale, including waivers and proof of deposit (a copy of the cheque, bank draft or certified cheque for the deposit).
  • The Commission Advance Agreement signed by both you and your broker.
  • The Trade Record Sheet, signed by the broker, showing a breakdown of the commission that you have earned.
  • One piece of personal identification (driver’s license or passport).

When can I receive my commission advance?

Submit the completed application by 1:00pm and have it by dinner time the same day! When your commission advance is approved, the funds are delivered directly to you via e-transfer. Same-day funding for our commission advances is something Canadian REALTORS® value.

How much will a commission advance cost with FRAME?
FRAME’s Commission Advance Rate is only $0.66 per $1,000 advanced, per day (24% APR).  What this means is you could advance $2,000 for 30 days and pay LESS than $20 to have access to that money the same day! 

Are there any hidden administration or setup fees? 
There are no hidden fees to apply for or receive a commission advance with FRAME.

How much of my earned commission can I receive? 
We advance up to 90% of the original commission amount. This is to account for any fees, dues, or other expenses paid to your brokerage when a payment comes in.

What if a deal doesn’t close? 
In most cases the easiest and best options for both parties are to assign FRAME another current deal that you have, or a future deal. Regardless of the situation, we will work with you and your broker towards a solution. Our goal is to help you grow your business.

Is the cost of the commission advance tax deductible? 
Many of our agents have received tax deductions when using a commission advance for business purposes. See your accountant for more information.

Does FRAME review my personal credit history?
No. We do not require credit checks. FRAME real estate commission advances are not traditional loans. We base the approvals on the strength of your transaction, not your credit history. We ensure the process is easy and quick for you to have access to your already earned commissions to grow your business strategically.

At FRAME, we strive to make sure our clients have access to quick and reliable funding solutions so they can focus on what matters: their business. With our commission advance services, get paid faster and never worry about waiting for your money again! FRAME commission advances are the perfect choice for Canadian real estate agents. With competitive rates and flexible terms, FRAME makes it easy to access your commissions when you need them most. In addition, the company is backed by an experienced team of financial experts who provide fast, reliable service. With FRAME commission advances, Canadian real estate agents can rest assured that their funds will be available when needed. This helps REALTORS® maximize their cash flow and minimize the stress of waiting for commissions, allowing them to focus on what matters most: their clients.