Take advantage of a busy spring market with a real estate commission advance from FRAME

As the Canadian real estate market heats up this spring, REALTORS® are looking for ways to take advantage of the busy season. One way to do this is by using a commission advance service, like FRAME. Commission advances allow agents to get paid after a deal is signed but before the closing date, providing them with financial security and flexibility.

Here are four ways a real estate commission advance can help Canadian REALTORS® build their business during a busy spring real estate market:

  1. Covering Marketing Costs: Spring is typically a busy season for real estate in Canada, with many buyers and sellers looking to enter the market. REALTORS® looking to stand out from the competition and attract clients may need to invest in marketing. Commission advances can help Canadian REALTORS® cover these costs upfront, including social media ads, listing websites, brochures, and photography.

  2. Financing Client Acquisition: REALTORS® may want to invest in lead generation and client acquisition strategies to maintain a steady flow of business. Commission advances can help Canadian REALTORS® finance these initiatives, including hiring a lead generation service, advertising on local newspapers, or hosting open houses to attract potential clients.

  3. Managing Cash Flow: REALTORS® may need to wait for several weeks or months before receiving their commission, which can put a strain on their cash flow. Commission advances can help Canadian real estate agents manage cash flow by providing them with immediate access to a portion of their commission, which they can use to cover expenses while waiting for their commission payment.

  4. Expanding Business: A busy spring real estate market can present Canadian REALTORS® with growth opportunities that they may not be able to seize without additional funding. Commission advances can help REALTORS® grow their business by allowing them to invest in new technologies, expand their service offerings, or hire additional staff to handle the influx of business. This, in turn, can lead to higher revenue and increased profitability. 

Advancing your real estate commission can be a great way to maximize how your income works for you. A commission advance request can be completed the same day, with no application fees.  Real estate professionals can now advance their real estate commissions in an easy, fast and affordable way to get the money they already earned without waiting. It’s time to take advantage of the opportunity and make your commission work for you today!

Here are some additional tips to help stand out as a top real estate professional in Canada and work to grow your business to capture new clients and keep existing ones coming back to you as the expert they rely on: 

  1. Prepare in advance: The spring real estate market in Canada is usually the busiest time of the year, so it’s important for REALTORS®to prepare in advance. Consider updating your marketing strategies, refining your sales pitches, and reviewing your listings to ensure they’re ready to present to potential buyers.

  2. Price listings accurately: With increased demand during the spring market, pay extra attention to pricing your listings accurately to attract more potential buyers. Overpricing a property often leads to fewer showings and ultimately a longer time on the market.

  3. Leverage technology: In today’s digital age, technology plays a critical role in real estate marketing. As a Canadian real estate agent, you can leverage social media platforms, online listing sites, and virtual tours to showcase your listings to a wider audience and attract more potential buyers.

  4. Network with other REALTORS®: Networking with other REALTORS® can help to increase exposure to a wider range of potential buyers. By collaborating with other professionals, you can share knowledge, resources, and contacts, which can help to generate leads and close deals.

  5. Offer incentives: To stand out in a competitive market, REALTORS® can offer incentives to potential buyers, such as covering closing costs, offering a home warranty, or including appliances. These incentives can make their listings more attractive and help to close deals faster.  Make sure to check with your broker to ensure you are following the appropriate rules based on your jurisdiction. 

Overall, by preparing in advance, pricing listings accurately, leveraging technology, networking with other REALTORS®, and offering incentives, REALTORS® in Canada can capitalize on a busy spring real estate market and close more deals!  It’s a strategic cycle: closing more deals allows you to advance your real estate commissions in order to utilize your funds now and get money in hand to continue to grow your business!  Get started today with FRAME. 

FRAME’s commission advance service is offered across Canada and has a reliable, efficient and REALTOR®-centric approach to commission advances. We are powered by the Alberta Real Estate Association and AREA Real Estate Services Corp, who are leaders in the real estate industry with a focus on reinvesting money in industry. Proudly supporting real estate professionals since 1947, we understand the unique needs of agents. Our commission advance program already services more than 3200 of Alberta REALTORS®, with more than $13 million, and counting, in commissions advanced to date. 

What is a real estate commission advance and how can it benefit Canadian REALTORS®?