10 Apps + Tools Realtors Need in Today’s Market

As a real estate professional in today’s world, it can be difficult to keep your finger on every facet of your business. From finances and CRMs to marketing and client meetings, Realtors are pulled in every direction — but isn’t that why we love it so much? It’s the sort of fast-paced, do-it-all entrepreneurial mentality that brought us right where we always dreamed of being. With all of that in mind, framing your future is about working smarter… Building the foundation for a fruitful business in real estate is, afterall, about making smart moves today to bring more opportunities tomorrow. Here are the top 10 apps on the market today that can help you tee-up deals, stay on track, and create efficiencies:


#10 RoomScan: The Floor Plan App to Help Close a Deal 

If you’ve ever had an agent tell you that the floor plan didn’t work for their client, it’s time to give this handy app a try — and leave your tape measure at home! The RoomScan app is a one-of-a-kind app that gives real estate professionals 3 methods to create a floor plan ensuring you’ve provided all options for buyers and sellers. It measures rooms and draws floor plans right in the app. Simply add objects, annotations, and attributes to create the complete plan of a property. The app is free to download and use and for a small one-time cost or monthly subscription, you can pull the outputs and hand off to clients as an interactive map or download in PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, DXF, and CSV.


#9  GSuite by Google: The One Stop Shop for Keeping Organized On-The-Go

 GSuite is a one-stop-shop for cloud computing programs and software. Share documents between devices and team members seamlessly all for free. A must-have for managing all the moving parts as a real estate professional!


#8   Canva: An Easy-To-Use Graphic Design App

Hot tip: When in a pinch, this app allows you to add graphic design to your list of skills in just a few minutes. Canva is a tool that enables you to take your social media posts and marketing to the next level — no Photoshop required. Stand out from the crowd and your competition with their free templates and intuitive software. Available on your desktop or mobile so you can design on the go!

#7  Hootsuite: The App for Making Social Media Management Actually Manageable

Creating an integrated marketing campaign just became easy with Hootsuite. Preplan your social media activities and schedule posts to go live across all platforms simultaneously optimal times to increase your reach and resonance. Skip the hassle of fumbling between social media accounts and allow Hootsuite to do what it does best.


#6 Spacio: The App For Automating Open Houses and Increasing ROI

Though this app does require a subscription, Spacio has serious potential for Realtors looking to streamline lead capturing and follow-ups. Rather than using cumbersome and hard-to-read sign-in sheets, this app keeps you from missing an opportunity to capture a lead by digitally collecting visitors contact information on our app. The software also has the capacity to automatically follow up on leads and integrates with CRMs.

#5  BombBomb: Stand Out in Their Inboxes With Video

BombBomb is an email companion tool that gets you face-to-face with your clients and those who matter most. Breathe life (and personality!)  into your online interaction and stand out from the rest in your clients’ inboxes by integrating video messages to your emails. Build relationships through big impact video, “face-to-face” communication.


#4  Propertybase: The All-In-One CRM, Lead Generation, and Marketing Tool for Realtors

Propertybase lets you focus on building your business and closing more deals. Ditch the grunt work and leverage this user-friendly app to streamline your sales processes. As a platform designed to service real estate professionals, this handy tool can help you hone client management, marketing strategies, and your lead generations all in one convenient spot.


#3 YouTube: The Marketing Tactic That Will Boost Your Brand 

People watch over 1 billion hours of Youtube videos per day! This is a tool that often slips through the cracks. Not only is YouTube a great platform for you to build your brand and connect with potential clients, using video in your online strategy is proven to boost your engagement. This integration aligns well with Google’s algorithm which will help you see better search results that link back to your website. Stuck on where to start? Share walk-throughs, tips, and content that excites you with the world and you may be surprised by the leads and connections you make!

#2  HelloSign: The App for Legally-Binding Electronic Signatures (and Saving Trees!)

HelloSign is an app and platform that is already trusted by millions and helping improve their workflow. Receive legally-binding electronic signatures on the go. Close more deals, carry less paper, and go get ‘em!


#1 Evernote: The App for Keeping Your Notes Effortlessly Organized

We all know staying organized is key, but boy, can it be difficult! Ideas come on the fly, people are constantly calling, and the to-do list seems to never end. Evernote works across all your devices and helps you capture your brilliant ideas and manage your tasks ahead. 


By now, we know that a business in real estate means hitting the ground running, and no matter the direction you’re running in, it is always best to have a plan. FRAME helps you achieve the future you deserve with simple commission advances that don’t require all the cumbersome paperwork. Sign up in just a few minutes before lunch and get your money by dinner time today.